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·      Aruba Beaches


·       Fringing turquoise Caribbean waters, Aruba’s beaches include wide shaded expanses, quiet retreats, and busy sunbathing and water sports Mecca’s.


·       Much of the seven-mile strip along Aruba’s west coast is lined with resorts and packed with activity. Beach goers relax on their comfortable lounges while swimming, snorkeling, kite surfing, water-skiing, tubing, parasailing, banana-boating, and all kinds of wet ‘n wild adventures are just steps away.


·       In contrast, the beaches along the windward coast are in more secluded and undeveloped areas. There are coves carved out of limestone, inlets formed by pounding waves, unique natural phenomena and craggy desert terrain. Because of strong undertow and crashing waves, swimming here is not recommended.


·       Both coasts afford spectacular Caribbean views. All beaches in Aruba are open to the public.


·       Palm Beach


·       The renowned two mile-long strip known as Palm Beach is home to glamorous high-rise hotels and is dotted by water sports concessions, piers, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Calm waters make this a comfortable haven for swimmers and snorkelers.


·       Baby Beach


·       Baby Beach is located in Seroe Colorado at the southeastern end of Aruba. Baby Beach is a sandy half-moon expanse in a calm lagoon, with a refreshment stand and huts. The waters are shallow; swimmers can wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom.


·       Malmok Beach


·       Malmok Beach is a narrow sandy stretch that is home to sprawling homes and a variety of modest windsurfing residences; its shallow clear waters make it a popular snorkeling spot. Here catamarans and sailboats stop for daytime snorkeling just off the shoreline. Reefs and sunken wrecks nearby afford excellent diving.


·       Arashi Beach


·       Arashi Beach is located north of Malmok Beach, at the edge of a lovely residential area. It skirts a barren lunar landscape and the winding road that leads up to the majestic California Lighthouse. This is a quiet narrow stretch of beach with makeshift huts and a large parking area. A favorite with locals, Arashi Beach boasts gentle currents and abundant underwater life, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling.


·       Eagle Beach


·       Eagle Beach is a popular public area fringing the main road, affording clear, sparkling seas, ample parking, shaded picnic areas, some huts, and a variety of motorized water sports.


·       Druif Beach


·       Druif Beach, a long, narrow oval-shaped stretch of ivory sand, is home to the casual low-rise resorts. This is a quiet and relaxing spot for sunning and socializing.


·       Manchebo Beach


·       Just past the low-rise resorts is Manchebo Beach, a very private, undisturbed area named after an Arawak chief. This wide stretch of ­ at beach is dotted with swaying palms and the occasional beach lounge. Jutting out at the island’s most western point, this location is aptly named Punta Brabo for some angry surf resulting from converging currents.


·       Hadicurari Beach


·       Hadicurari Beach (Fisherman’s Huts) is a rocky strip out past the Marriott Aruba Resort, where windsurfers slice the water and the aeronautics of colorful kite-surf crescents punctuate the horizon. Once home to the island’s fishermen, it is a popular spot for surfing enthusiasts and the venue for sporting events and tournaments throughout the year.


·       Mangel Halto


·       Mangel Halto is located in Pos Chiquito on Aruba’s southeast coast just south of the Spanish Lagoon. It is a perfect sunning and snorkeling spot with calm, shallow waters rich in sea life supported by an intriguing network of mangroves. It is a secluded beach area perfect for picnics with white powdery sand and huts for shade.