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                 JIM LIZ RESIZED  Jim and Liz Mcgee       

Hello, Bon Boni.

Welcome to our site.  We are Jim and Liz McGee.  12 years ago we took our first all inclusive trip to the Mayan Riveriera, Mexico, and we got the bug. The travelling bug that is.  We've travelled to many destinations since then, and are not finished yet, but we did want a home away from home. A couple of places we considered were Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Panama. We went back to both destinations a few times and each time we thought, "this is it!", but we never committed. From the moment off the plane to the last day of our two week vacation we were in love with Aruba.  We had no intentions of buying a condo when we took the trip but opportunity presented itself and we jumped on it.

Our cottage on the Burnt river was another unintentional purchase as we were looking for a cottage on a lake, sturgeon lake to be exact, and ended up on the river.  You get much more bang for your buck on the river as well as alot more space.  With us being a family of seven we definately needed that.  We love how much quieter and calmer the river can be for kayaking, canoeing, swimming and lazing in the huge island raft. If we want the activities of the lake it's a short 20 minute boat ride.  We have amazing trails and wildlife all around us.  Our neighbours are more like family and we couldn't ask for a better community that looks out for one another.

Continue looking through our webpage for further details on each unit and let us make you feel right at home.

Jim and Liz McGee